The Best Sewing And Embroidery Machine Brands

The Best Sewing Machine Brands

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What are the best sewing machine brands out there? After careful research involving reading countless consumer feedbacks, surveying sewing machine owners and talking to industry experts, I’ll be revealing my findings below. But first, what are the most popular sewing machine brands out there?

Most Popular Sewing Machine Brands

Brother Sewing Machines

Brother Sewing Machine Brand

Brother’s top of the range Dream Machine 2 is very expensive

Brother is one of the most popular sewing machine brands on the market today. They are a Japanese manufacturer. Their sewing machines are competitively priced with machines ranging from $60 for low-end basic models to over $8,000 for high-end computerized models. Brother manufactures a range of embroidery machines, sergers (overlock machines), and combo sewing and embroidery machines in addition to standalone sewing machines. One notable feature of Brother sewing machines is the number of features it includes on even its basic machines. In a survey, Brother users rated the company highly for ease of use, portability, and durability. Some users felt the company could improve on value for money and build quality. Overall, Brother produces high-quality sewing machines with models to meet the needs and budget of everyone.



Janome Sewing Machines

janome memory craft 1500

Janome’s top of the range Memory Craft 1500 Sewing Machine

Janome is another one of the most popular sewing machine brands and scores very high among users. Janome is a Japenese company and is the largest manufacturer of sewing machines in the world. Like Brother, Janome has a wide range of sewing machines to meet every need and budget. They manufacture sergers, embroidery machines, combinations of both sewing and embroidery machines and industrial machines. There are over 30 models in the Janome collection ranging from $50 basic sewing machine for kids and beginners to $9,000 Memory Craft computerized sewing and embroidery machines for the advanced user. Janome scored very high for ease of use, durability, build quality, and portability. Customers felt there was room for improvement when it comes to value for money.



Singer Sewing Machines

Singer Sewing Machine

A Singer High-End Sewing Machine

Singer is also another one of the most popular sewing machine brands out there today. It is an American manufacturer and one of the oldest sewing machine brands in the world. It was established in 1851 and the name has been synonymous with sewing ever since. Singer was the first to introduce electronic as well as zigzag stitches sewing machines to the market. It has a wide range of mechanical and computerized sewing and embroidery machines for the home user as well as for commercial users. Prices range from $70 for their basic models to $2,000 for its high-end models. Singer machines do not come with the vast amount of features that come with Brother and Janome models. Singer ranks high for portability, durability, and ease of use. Customers felt there was room for improvement as far as value for money and build quality was concerned.



Other Notable Sewing Machine Brands

Other notable brands of sewing machines included in my research include Bernina, Husqvarna, Pfaff, and Elna.

Bernina is well known for manufacturing high-priced premium sewing machines. However, it scores very high with customers in all areas and is regarded as having machines with the best value for money. It is a Swiss company. It produces a range of premium sewing, embroidery, and long arm quilting machines. It also has a range of sergers (overlock) machines. Their latest top of the line sewing and embroidery machine is the Bernina 880 (pictured below) which costs about $9,000. Bernina scores very high in every category. It is described as the Rolls Royce of sewing machines. Basically, if money is not an object and you are looking a high-quality, state of the art sewing machine, then Bernina is your best option.

Bernina Sewing Machine Brand

Bernina’s Bernina 790 top of the range sewing machine

Pfaff is a German manufacturer specialized in manufacturing compact sewing machines for home and commercial use as well as industrial and heavy-duty sewing machines capable of sewing through any kind of fabric thrown at it such as leather.

What Are The Best Sewing Machine Brands?

The table below is a comparison of the best sewing machine brands on the market today.

BrandBuild QualityEase of UseDurabilityPortabilityValue for MoneyOverall Rating

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