Why You Need a Vintage Sewing Machine in Your Collection

Why you should buy a vintage sewing machine

Why You Need a Vintage Sewing Machine in Your Collection

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Your new obsession might be that brand spanking new modern computerized sewing machine, however, a vintage machine can still hold a special place in your army of home sewing machines. And when I say vintage machines, I’m talking about the heavy, metal, mechanical, beautiful and industrial looking sewing machines. Those machines that your neighbors, friends, family and even strangers offer to you for free once they find out that you’ve decided to start sewing. These are the kinds of machines you first saw your granny using all those years ago. The tireless machines that kept turning year after year making beautiful garments and wonderful music at the same time.

It may seem like a daunting task to learn how to use these old machines but I can assure you there is no reason to get intimidated at that prospect.

8 Reasons You’ll Want to Own a Vintage Sewing Machine

1. They Are The Most Durable

vintage sewing machine bobbin

Ever wonder why these machines are so heavy? The proof is in the “metal pudding.” These machines are often made of all-metal parts and no plastics at all. The main advantage of having metal parts is they are almost unbreakable, which results in rarely ever having to buy replacement parts.

Just like classic cars, the various parts of a vintage sewing machine are made to be strong, heavy and with much care. In most cases, the only part not made of metal is the drive belt. With all these heavy parts, you’ll think one needs heavy muscles to operate them. Fortunately, this is not the case. You need very little effort to get them sewing. Vintage machines can sew at amazing speeds and exhibit great durability.

All you need is the right maintenance and care to keep these workhorses going on forever.

2. They Are No Longer Difficult to Maintain

With the advent of the internet, it is now easy to find parts and instructions on fixing your vintage sewing machines. Parts for these machines are readily available on sites such as eBay, and tutorials on fixing your machine can be found on sites such as YouTube.

Because vintage sewing machines do not have computer software on them, they are ideal for home maintenance and repairs. Try repairing your modern machine at home and you’ll end up destroying them. This is one advantage of having a vintage machine. There are no wires and electronics to contend with. Just a beautiful sewing machine.

3. They Make The Straightest Straight Lines

Vintage Sewing Machine Sewing

Most of you are wowed by the wide assortment of stitches modern sewing machines have to offer. But what you don’t realize is that these fancy stitches actually make it difficult for modern machines to sew in a perfectly straight line. If you’ve been struggling to get straight stitches in a straight line, maybe it is time to switch to a vintage sewing machine.

4. Total Control Over Any Kind of Fabric

It used to be that most people sew items such as suits, blankets, quilts, wedding dresses, and almost anything they needed at home. Because of this, vintage sewing machines were made to handle any kind of fabric under the sun. They have levers that can adjust the pressure to the presser foot, giving you complete control.

5. Weight

Yes, vintage sewing machines are very heavy, but this is not a bad thing. If you own a modern lightweight sewing machine made of plastic, you’ll know how it sometimes slides around, jumps all over or even tip over when you are working on large projects. This can be very frustrating. The heavy nature of vintage machines mean when you set them up, they stay in place and perfectly still even when working on the toughest of fabrics.

6. You Will Be Saving The Planet

Reusing your old vintage sewing machines instead of sending them off to the landfill to die will earn you plenty of environmental karma points. As if you don’t already look cool sewing with a vintage sewing machine, your kids and grandkids will now have another reason to think you are the coolest person ever!

7 They Are a Work of Art

Vintage sewing machine used for decorating

Dust out that old vintage machine of yours and proudly display them as a piece of art in your house. Not only are these machines a functioning piece of machinery, your guests will now have something to talk about when they come to visit

8. Tradition


Sewing is one of the fundamental skills that has been passed down from generation to generation. A vintage sewing machine will keep that passion, history, and tradition going for many more generations to come. You don’t want to lose the skill of sewing and only depend on the machine to do the sewing for you.