Essential Presser Feet For Your Sewing Machine

I recently switched from doing a lot of work on a mid arm sewing machine back to a good, solid sewing machine. These days I end up using different varieties of presser feet when making new dresses with my sewing machine. Just as we have different sewing machines, such as the ones showcased on, different presser feet help you complete your projects faster and better.

Quality Matters

However, this was not the case years ago when I primarily used a sewing machine for beginners. I only noticed the importance of different presser feet to the quality of work when I got a Bernina sewing machine a few years ago. Using the right presser foot gives your work that professional look you’ve always desired.

The sewing machines I used in the past did come with a variety of presser feet like the zipper foot but most of my sewing utilized the straight stitch. It was extremely rare for me to switch feet during a sewing project.

My Bernina Sewing Machine

The purchase of my Bernina sewing machine changed this. I started using different presser feet for the projects I sew partly because it was fun the learn how to use and when to use the huge number of additional presser feet that came with the machine.

However, the main reason why I started switching presser feet was the quality of Bernina’s accessories. In the past, I just manually sew the pattern I wanted onto the fabric because there was no difference between doing so and just going with a different presser foot. The new foot from Bernina is on a different level in terms of the quality of the stitches they produce. That is what you get from buying one of the best sewing machine brands.

I’ve found the joy of using different feet with a sewing machine that ultimately rocks. In this post, I want to share with you my picks for the essential presser feet to use with your Bernina sewing machine. Let’s look at three of my favorites.

Seamstress Holds Sewing Machine Feet
A seamstress holds a variety of sewing machine feet.

Invisible Zipper Foot

A lot of sewing machines come with a zipper foot but most don’t allow you to sew invisible zippers like the one that came with my Bernina machine. I’ve used several invisible zipper feet over my sewing career but I’ve never across one that works better than this one.

It sews perfects invisible zippers each and every time without fail. Say goodbye to zippers that won’t close or exposed zipper tapes because this one makes no mistakes. You won’t even need to change needle positions when sewing zippers with this food.

Edge Stitch Foot

I’ve used this foot during sewing than any other foot in recent times. As the name suggests, it is primarily a foot for sewing edge stitches. However, it can sew perfectly other types of stitches like ditch stitching, topstitching, and many others.

Blindstitch Presser Foot

The final foot I want to highlight is the blindstitch foot. A lot of my projects involve helming. The quality of the finished work is second to none. It produces invisible, professional looking blind hems. It is, in my opinion, the best blindstitch food I’ve ever used with a sewing machine.

The helms come out clean, tidy, and secured. They don’t unravel easily.

The truth is the Bernina sewing machine is a high-quality sewing machine that is also a bit more expensive than other brands. This applies to the presser feet as well. You’ll find that they cost more than other sewing machine brands. However, this cost is justified when you consider that they produce higher quality end-products than the competition.